AVS 2017



AVS9 Travel Scholarships ($500) defray cost of attending meeting


Agathe Colmant

Keaton Crosse

Emily Machala

Thisun Piyasa

Daniel Enosi Tuiuplotu



Joshua Hayward.


Griffith Institute of Glycomics Student Oral Poster, $500.

Keaton Crosse. The host antiviral protein viperin positively augments the innate immune response against DNA viruses.


Griffith Institute of Glycomics Student Poster, $500.

Orion Tong. Plasmacytoid dendritic cells: responses to HIV during initial infection.


Griffiths Institute of Glycomics Student Poster, $500.

Svenja Fritzlar.   MNV manipulates the surface expression of MHC class I proteins.



 American, ASM Student Poster Prize, $300 (voucher for ASM books).

Chelsea Gerada. Varicella zoster virus ORF63 inhibits apoptosis in both human neuronal and keratinocyte cell lines and changes its localisation upon apoptosis induction.


 ASM Poster award(non-student), $400 (including ASM membership , 2018)

Andril Slonchak (2 posters). Discovery, characterisation and functional analysis of novel WNV-derived small non-coding RNAs; Role of non-coding RNAs in the 3’UTR of ZIKV

And 1 oral: Systems biology and small RNAs in exosomes from WNV-infected cells (overall theme of small RNA’s and Flaviviruses)


ASM Oral award (non-student), $400 (including ASM membership, 2018).

Rebecca Ambrose. Characterisation of a novel inhibitor of the IRF3-independent antivral immune response.


 ViiV Healthcare Student Award.  $1000

Heeva Baharlou


ViiV Healthcare Student Award. $500

Daniel Rawle (Poster)


ViiV Healthcare Postdoc Award. $500

George Mbogo



AVS Student Award – cosponsored by ASM, $1000

Agathe Colmant


 AVS Rising Star Award  - co-sponsored by ASM, $1000.

Kirsty Short 





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